Did you know?

52% of Transgender Youth Contemplated Suicide in 2021. Now is the time to get loud and visible with our support!

Become a visible ally and show these kids that they are loved, valued and supported.

10% of all sales donated to The Trevor Project!

Anti-Trans Youth Legislation targeting the rights of this vulnerable community is making life unbearable for these kids.

More than half thought it would be better to be dead, rather than trying to live with rejection, isolation, loneliness, bullying and being targeted by politicians and activists pushing anti-trans legislation.

Click to learn more, and please help to support and protect these kids!

How you can help...

For one, you can become a more visible and vocal ally!

NoGenderLines is enlisting an army of allies who are willing to stand up and support trans and non-binary youth against harmful legislation and hateful politicians.

Wearing a simple t-shirt can help show these kids that there are people out there fighting for their rights. And 10% of all sales are donated to The Trevor Project!

Knowledge is power! By learning a few facts from our site and/or those we link you to, you can educate others on why it's so crucial to support these kids.

You don't need to understand the latest science and psychology of gender to know that no child should be bullied by adults. Be on the right side of history and humanity!

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