Our Mission


NoGenderLines was created with the sole purpose of recruiting a highly visible army of allies to support transgender youth. Trans kids are unaware of the millions of people who support them, and it's up to us to help create a world where they feel safe, loved and valued.

NoGenderLines is committed to fostering a greater understanding of how the concept of gender has grown and evolved. Just as we once thought the world was flat, our understanding of gender has evolved both scientifically and psychologically.

This evolved understanding knows "no gender lines," and reveals the concept of gender to be more of a spectrum than a set of two restrictive boxes. People identify on various parts of this spectrum, or off the spectrum entirely. And guess what? It's ok!

Step out of society's confining boxes and value people for who they know and understand themselves to be. People are who they are. Their genitalia (male/female/intersex, etc.) does not dictate their value, worth or their expected direction, behavior or actions in life.

Humans will either be open to understanding and embracing this evolution, or their ideology will die off with other antiquated social constructs.

In this awkward interim period where humans are experiencing growing pains with this idea of gender, we adults need to take the lead and protect the children who are highly evolved enough to understand that they do not fit within the gender binary, and brave enough to live their lives authentically.

These kids are being bullied, tortured and in some cases murdered for simply being themselves. A 50% suicide rate among transgender youth is simply unacceptable and a deplorable depiction of who we are as human beings.

Be part of the movement to protect and fight for the rights of these kids and all gender variant youth.

You will be on the right side of history and you will most certainly save many lives along the way.

Welcome to the movement...